About Ave Maria Care

Ave Maria Care – Our Ethos

“Treat People as you would like to be treated”

Ave Maria is privileged to provide personal care & support to people in our communities

It is our pleasure to support our clients & their families with a wide range of tailored care & support services because we understand that enabling our clients to have their independence adds value to their day to day lives & the day to day lives of their family.

Our goal is to provide people in our communities who require our services with the quality of care & support they deserve whilst helping them to lead fulfilled lives.

Our Ethos – “Treat people as you would like to be treated” runs through our organizations DNA & is clear to see in the high quality of care & support that we provide to our clients & their families.

For more information on how Ave Maria can assist you, a family member, or a friend with personal care & support please contact us 

Our Quality

Ave Maria care & support assistants are carefully selected & trained during the recruitment process by Head of Care – Elizabeth Ansah. This is to ensure that anyone who represents Ave Maria delivers our services at an exceptional standard with a positive attitude.

Our extreme focus on the quality of our staff is to ensure that our clients & their families can rest assured that they will be treated with dignity & respect & that each visit is a pleasant experience that brightens up their day.

Our Head of Care – Elizabeth Ansah has 34 years of experience working in the health care industry. Elizabeth also has a Masters degree in Health Development, she was also a finalist for the National Dementia Award in 2009, the national award was for innovation in practice of dementia care.

Elizabeth developed a diet management system for people with dementia. The diet management system was published in the journal of dementia care & the nursing & residential care journal in 2009. This effective diet management system is included in our dementia care package.

In her most recent position, Elizabeth was the director of clinical governance for an organisation with over 7000 service users, she developed the quality assurance systems across the organisation which ensured that new sites were successfully registered with the care quality commission & subsequent inspections by the care quality commission were successful.

Elizabeth is a care specialist & her knowledge & abilities are passed on to the Ave Maria team through training & development to ensure that team member’s skills are continuously developed & enhanced to provide a consistent, outstanding level of care & support to our clients.

For more information on how Ave Maria can assist you, a family member or a friend with personal care & support please contact us

Our History

Ave Maria was established by Elizabeth Ansah who is a specialist in care quality & has worked in the care industry for 34 years.

Elizabeth was seeking home care & support services for her elderly mother & after researching the services available in the market she noticed the standard of care & support being provided was often not up to the standard that our elderly people deserve & the time allocated to each visit was often 30 minutes or less.

In view of this Elizabeth decided to create a care package tailored specifically to her mother’s needs. Using her experience, Elizabeth carefully selected & employed an individual as a care & support assistant to deliver the care at set times as required by her mother for periods no less than one hour.

Elizabeth then established Ave Maria to deliver the same quality of care & support for other people who require care in our communities.

Ave Maria is proud to have a solid belief in the dignity of each person and a structure that has at its roots the commitment to “treat people as you would like to be treated”

For more information on how Ave Maria can assist you, a family member or a friend with personal care & support please contact us