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Testimonial July


My mom has vascular dementia and although I cared for her as best I could as time went on I felt I needed help especially at night and in the mornings. I contacted Liz at Ava maria and she came to see mom and myself to discuss care needs. Liz was wonderful with mom and mom really liked Liz.

At the beginning Liz did a lot of the calls as mom didn’t take to some of the Carers ( but that was moms condition, nothing to do with the Carers). Liz would sit and talk to mom and if mom got agitated at any time Liz would talk softly to her and hold her hand and reassure her. When it came to going to bed mom would just lie fully clothed on top of the bed and it would take a lot of encouragement for her to even go to sleep. Liz would lie on the bed with mom until she was relaxed or even asleep. As mom had lost weight due to her continuing walking around and not sleeping well Liz introduced a nutritional high fat content diet and also left snacks around the house to encourage mom to eat whilst on the move from room to room and during the night.

After a while mom regained a lot of weight and looked much healthier.

Liz then introduced another carer (Daryl) who mom, thankfully, took a liking to. Daryl also was kind and made mom laugh. Daryl would do things around the house, without being asked to which was a great help to me. The bed would be changed and washing put on, vacuuming, polishing etc., and she would always try and involve mom in helping. Daryl was also very good at doing moms hair and she always looked clean and well groomed.

Mom now unfortunately has moved into a nursing home. Mom had a fall and broke her shoulder and she went downhill after that, unable to walk or climb stairs it became impossible for her to remain in her home. Liz was also very supportive when I was looking for homes and came to visit mom in hospital and when she moved into care.

I would highly recommend Ave Maria got anyone looking for care at home.


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