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Christmas With Ave Maria: ELF DAY!

Today we have had our carers dress up in Elf costumes, we decided that we would do this for the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Charity.

We have had a great response from all the service users and the carers have had lots of fun doing this.

I have travelled around different clients homes this morning, to see their reactions and take pictures of everyone involved this included the seeing the clients reactions.

We have had a great response and the clients were all great very welcoming of their carers arriving in elf attire.

Below are some of the client’s responses to elves at their doors and in their homes.

GM – “You all look marvellous, how lovely” GM also told us to go upstairs and get her husband JM up, myself, Steven, Amanda and Sarah all went up the stairs to JM he burst out laughing and said “We need to get a picture of this”

ML – “Don’t you look good and what fun”

CG – “That’s different” she was smiling when she said this.

RP – We knocked RP door his wife EP answered she was laughing, we went into see RP who said “I would have dressed up”

Other reactions from clients have been extremely positive and they feel that it is great that we decided to do this for a good cause.

We have taken pictures of the day, and would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved from Ave Maria Care Sutton

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