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We are very proud of all our Managers and their teams, throughout this current situation they have worked very hard and testiment to this are the large volumes of compliments we have received in various areas. Here are just a few.........

"Valerie is absolutely lovely she is so good with Betty she liaises with me and Betty likes her" 15/04/20 ED

"I am very happy with the care, never had a care company like this before, the carers are great and i am really happy" 15/04/20 EK

"It is so good to see you, Matthew has missed you and he will be happy to see your back" 17/04/20

"Dariusz is wonderful, hes always asking if i need anything else doing such as taking my bins out he is just wonderful" 20/03/20 MW

"Dariusz is a lovely gentleman he always takes me for my walks and he will not let me walk unless my arm is linked with his" VMcC 02/04/20

"I am really happy with the care Ray is having from Ave Maria Ray is now getting up from bed and he his eating andinteracting more which is great and i am so happy with this " RH 06/03/20

"Paul called to pass on a compliment to all staff that he wanted to thank us all for the great job we are all doing and the care that is still being delivered to mom throughout this hard time. He recognises the hard work that everyone is putting in to still provide the care needed and sees we are all doing a very good job. He asks us to keep safe and hopefully see us all in the next few weeks." HM 23/03/20

"George was happy to see me this morning, here is what he say( laetitia I'm happy to see you , I have been waiting for a moment like this to thank you for sending Lewis here every morning as my carer , he is now like a friend to me and please do not take him away)" GW 29/02/20

Our administrators have worked really hard to ensure the orders of PPE are kept up to date.

Children of our care staff have been very busy drawing pictures and writing letters to cherr our clients up during this time.A selection of them are below.

All Managers, administrators and care staff are a credit to Ave Maria and to the community.
Thank you and Well done

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